Business Talks

Business Talks will give non-business graduate students and post-docs the opportunity to interact and network with professionals with experience in the business world. We will have monthly one-hour Business Talks and the format is going to be Q&A, so people attending can get the most out of these conversations. The event is geared towards students interested in a business career who would like to find out how to prepare for interviews and get a job in a non-traditional industry for PhDs.

Pizza and Finance – once in Fall

Pizza and Finance is an activity held in Fall semester each year to provide an introduction to the finance industry. This is a good opportunity for students who are interested in career opportunities in finance related industries to get an overview of the industry and to develop skill sets critical for a career in the industry.

Advanced Pizza and Finance – once in Spring  

A follow-up to Pizza and Finance, this session builds on the basics covered in the previous session to deepen students’ understanding of financial concepts and skills needed for a finance career. In the session last year, Karen Hladik, PhD (financial advisor) discussed what it means to have a quantitative finance role on Wall Street. The topics discussed were statistics, econometrics, applications to risk management, algorithmic trading, derivative valuation, portfolio analytics and asset allocation models.